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Merstuck Meenah by BasiliskZero
Merstuck Meenah
Wow I never log on here anymore why is that?
Mostly I've meandered over to Tumblr

Anyway, kept seeing pretty mermaid Homestuck AUs and immediately thought of gulper eels and Meenah. She is the best dead fishtroll. <3
Ictus sculpture by BasiliskZero
Ictus sculpture
Ictus is a teenage dakaltre on a human-majority mixed species space station. He has a passion for theatre and LARPing and is way nerdier and more cheerful than his creepy exterior would imply.

I'm a bit jealous of that coat, it came out really cute... You'd probably need a tail and at least some kind of shoulder tattoos to pull it off IRL though...

He looks better than the Mehk sculpt, but while I did improve a bit skill-wise for this second one a chunk of that seems to just be that he's built more like a human so he comes across as more 'correct'.
Dakaltre have lankier limbs than a human, fairly similar to lellians, but they're much more solid and muscular like a human. Even a teenage dakaltre easily outweighs a big fully adult lellian.

The jawed tentacles on his head function as ears and are also vital for body language since dakaltre faces are mostly fixed and can't change expression much. Usually they'll have four, although occasionally one won't develop a 'head' and some individuals are born with six instead.

As a species, they've been traveling the galaxy for thousands of years and tend to end up pretty much everywhere. With the aid of the powerful artificial intelligence that they created to help run their central government, they're responsible for developing the math-based trade language used throughout civilized space that can be slightly altered into still-understandable dialects almost regardless of what kinds of sounds a type of alien is capable of making.

Made from Sculpey III on an aluminum and wire armature and a little wooden base, plus some Swarovski crystals.


Hobo Taxidermist Extraordinaire
United States

Current Residence: Central Florida-ish
Favourite genre of music: It's all good.
Favourite style of art: No favorites. ;D
Operating System: Microsoft XP
Skin of choice: My fox. <3 Wait, you weren't referring to dead stuff?
Personal Quote: Nothing is sacred. <3
I am in perpetual need of feathers for making dinosaurs, so if you have some sort of bird, even a common canary or parakeet, I'll probably be willing to draw you something in exchange for feathers.
I mostly need the little body feathers rather than big wing feathers. Complexity of what I'll draw depends on rarity and quantity of feathers. I'd much rather have a months' worth of molted budgie feathers than two perfect macaw coverlets. O:

No time limit, you can note me two years from now and I am pretty sure I will still need the feathers. .___.;

I have no idea when moulting season is, so this PSA might well be a few months off. >.>;
  • Mood: Hysterical
  • Listening to: Violin dubstep
  • Eating: Parfait

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